Diets? Fuck it! Part 2

Your body fucking knows what to do, only if you let her do her own things, especially when you don’t mess her with fucking diets!

This is a parafrase of the following email from this website and there she goes on and I do so much agree:

“Do you feel like you and your body are at odds with each other? That if only your body was on your side you wouldn’t eat so much, or gain any weight, and everything would be perfect?

Let me explain to you why your body fucking knows what is going on…. and why you can trust your body to lead you the RIGHT way.

Your body is not your adversary.

The reason your body wants to eat all that food is because

  • you have been denying it, and
  • it NEEDS IT.Your body wanting to binge on food is one of the most brilliant things ever. It may not feel that way, but as long as you are choosing to be your body’s adversary, your body will take on the role.

    Ok, you wanna starve me? I am going to EAT! We need to EAT! You are slowing me down!

    Ok, you hate me? You wanna shave off some fat? You wanna eat only salad this week? I am going to eat instead.

    You want me to eat THAT protein bar? But there is butter and berries in that muffin. Fine. WE ARE GOING TO EAT MUFFINS LATER.

    Your body is brilliant. And until you get on the same side as your body, and start trusting it, you will be in this cycle forever.

    Your body craves good food once you get out of it’s own way. Your body will also crave treats, because of course treats are great and neutral. The body knows that. You just may not believe it yet.

    Choose to befriend your body. Your body isn’t trying to ruin your life, it just wants to be heard and fed and appreciated and moved. The sooner you decide to get on the side of your body, the sooner you and your body will be doing really well together.

    Fuck. It.”

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