Diets? Fuck it! Part 4

Since about 6 months I really let it all go; (Thank you Matt Stone and thank you: that is, after 20 years of dieting and fighting my weight (all kinds of fasting, low carb, south beach, Paleo and running, weight lifting, biking etc etc), I ‘ve started to eat everything and you know what I’ve lost?

My obsession with food, health, longevity, being still healthy at 101 etc. I can hardly describe what a relief that is: no obsessions anymore, I feel happy. What a relief to just eat something, just like that 🙂

“Of course” I’ve gained a lot of weight (at least 25 kilogram), but that indeed plateaued (but I don’t believe anymore that I have to have a certain weight to be healthy or approved upon) and after initially eating items more than I ever could have imagined and of which I used to think that they were VERY unhealthy, I am starting to loose any interest in food.

I. just. eat.

I’m hoping to loose also the last bit of obsession with my appearance and my wish for a sixpack. I am not quite there yet. I still care a little bit what people think about my body, especially belly. All my former sports friends give comments on how fat I am now and that made me very angry in the beginning, because all they could say as a way of greeting: “Waauh, you’ve become very fat, don’t you run anymore?”

I was very disappointed that they were so little interested in me and all they could say that I had such a big belly.

I’ve also lost interest in the scale, the mirror and all those diet books and especially all those forums and websites about Paleo and a healthy life (just in order to know more about the “perfect diet” and to know precisely what’s good or bad………pffff what a waste of time and how much time I have now for just walking the dog 🙂 ).

Now as I am writing this, I see that I’ve lost a lot 🙂

By the way: I do believe that nature can take care of it self, without interfering. So after stopping dieting and running as interventions to control my weight and appearance, the body is allowed to run it own course; hopefully I didn’t damage it too much by all this obsessive dieting….

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