Diets? Fuck it! Part 5

(Written by Caroline, from thefuckitdiet)

Eating issues are control issues. Recovering is the spiritual journey of learning to let go.

Even when we know that our bodies will regulate once we get out of their way, we still find truly trusting and letting go so, so hard.

Why is letting go so hard?

Most of us only ever learned to rely on external approval, external cues, and external direction on where to go, what to do, what is right, what is wrong… the list goes on.

Learning to trust yourself isn’t something that they teach in school. It isn’t something anyone really talks about ever. But it really is essential in eating, and groundbreaking in life.

We never learned to trust ourselves, so letting go feels like a fool’s errand.

It is not.

The truth is, controlling is the fool’s errand. Trying to control your food, your body (and anything else) doesn’t work. Life is coming at you, and it wants you to jump in and go with it.

We can learn to heal the things keeping us from trusting and living and moving forward, then we can happily, calmly and peacefully let go of the control we used to cling to.

Eating can be easy, but getting there takes trust. It is a Spiritual Journey.

Fuck It,

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